Being that there are FOUR of us here at the FOUR FIT SISTERS page – and who doesn’t love a play on words, we decided to quickly capture a glimpse into the things that we each are thankful for this holiday season.  I asked each sisters to give me FOUR pictures total to show others what they consider to be a gift.  Thanks for taking the time today, and any day, to visit us here.  We are very thankful for the visitors to our site and are wishing you the best, and healthiest holiday season yet.

Adie Thankful FOUR

Adie: 1. Thankful for my two beautiful boys
2. My handsome and loving husband
3. My amazing, supportive and beautiful sisters
4. My extended family – only mine is pictured here, but I am just as thankful for my hubby’s family as well

Maggie Thankful FOUR

Maggie: 1. Baby Panter due in March
2. My amazing hubby, Austin
3. A seriously amazing group of sisters and friends
4. The knowledge and wisdom to lead the healthiest life possible

Marta Thankful FOUR

Marta: 1. My three beautiful girls
2. My amazing and supportive hubby, Steve
3. My three amazing sisters
4. My ability to live a fit and healthy life

Haley Thankful FOUR

Haley: 1. My amazing family – hubby, Jimmy, and two beautiful children
2. Sisterly Love
3. A home of which I can be proud
4. A job where I can help and teach others


Wishing your family a blessed holiday season.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Signature Adie

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