Holiday Hangover

Do you have a “holiday hangover” like us?  It is the BEST and WORST type of hangover.  It is the feeling of enjoying the holidays a little too much.  I’m not sad about it.  I was probably better than 90% of the average population.  But, it is now time to get back at it in the fitness world.  Here is a quick recap as to what the FourFitSisters have been up to!


Christmas card shenanigans.  Don’t worry…our Christmas cards didn’t come in time.  So I guess we really were taking “New Year’s” photos here.  My hubby came home with these outfits for us.  At first I was not sure…but after seeing them on I was pretty pleased.  He is totally a Vineyard Vines kind of guy.  I am way more of a Nike kind of gal.  Getting dressed up is not always my thing.  But, these worked out well.


It was MY turn to host Christmas.  To say I was excited was a total understatement.  As the only sister not in STL we are usually the ones traveling the most to see family.  And it was so nice to be able to stay home and host this year!  We had the house all decorated.  Which usually always come close to ending in divorce.  It actually went pretty smooth this year.


“Christmas” morning looked like this…


The kiddos couldn’t wait to dig into their presents.  They had them nicely set in piles before breakfast had even been served!!!!!


A little cousin love on the stairs.


And some happy gluten free pancake muffin eaters.  I just bought gluten free pancake mix, and mixed according to the directions.  Instead of sitting in front of the stove all morning I made them the day before.  They cooked in mini muffin tins for 20 minutes.  The next morning we just popped them in the microwave.  They were great for dipping.  I even tossed in some chocolate chips for the kiddos.  The adults enjoyed some breakfast casserole. YUM


Even the elves got in on all the fun.  They aren’t normally all in the same house together.  They were having a blast in their snowball fight.  I think Clyde lost.

After hosting “early Christmas” at our house we all headed our directions for the Holidays.  We enjoyed torturing our son on Christmas morning.  That face could NOT be faked…he was just as annoyed as Ralphy when asked to try on his pink bunny suit.


We got a good laugh…and even had our matching pajamas.  Yep, we were that family this year.


Of course…my main request for gifts were fitness related.  I got a new piece of fitness equipment from Marta, and some new tennies from the hubby.  If you remember these from our favorite things post.  These are the shoes that I put on that list.  He was a good husband and must have read the blog that day.



Things have been crazy over at Four Fit Sisters.  All of the sisters are getting ready to start up their first challenge of the new year.  I hope that you got in.  Also, Maggie is doing an amazing giveaway.  She is giving away a $120 month supply of Shakeology.  Enter as many times as you want.  The details can be found on her facebook page here.

shakeology giveaway

Good Luck.  Can’t wait to get back into the swing of blogging and back into our normal routine.  We have missed you.



The Busy Mom’s Go-To Healthy Grocery List



It’s no secret I’m busy.  I barely have time to shower.
But I have a system and I make it work.  I have my priorities.
And some days it’s not showering.  Sad, but true.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.
It’s what you do with those 24 hours that are important to being successful in anything in life.
Whether it’s your health and fitness, happiness, parenting or your career.

I see it daily in my everyday life and within my fitness business world: people unwilling to invest the time, energy and money into their health.
How can they afford healthy food? How can they make time to make pancakes rather than buying frozen preservative-filled ones from the grocery store?

Now, when you think of whether or not you are “healthy” I bet you usually think of your physical health.
Am I right?
This is an important part of our well-being, but WHY do you want to be healthy?

Do you wish to be healthy in order to enjoy your life and so you can live life to it’s fullest? I sure hope so!
Because true wellness is an integration of physical, mental AND spiritual health which allows us to accept and love ourselves for who we are.
Not how we look in the mirror.  This is exactly what I work on with my clients every month in my challenge groups.

I help my clients realize the key to vitality is balancing body, mind and spirit and the fact that investing time and money NOW into a healthy lifestyle, and healthy REAL foods, will enable us to invest in our future so our quality of life will not degrade as we age.

Today, I’d like to give our readers a little glimpse into my weekly grocery list.
To show you all how we invest now in our health and our quality of life in the future.
I will share just a few of our staples and what we tend to buy weekly and almost always have in stock around Haus of Girls.
I keep a copy of this list on my husband’s phone, as well as mine, so we can pull it up and get shopping.

Family Photo 2013 Thanksgiving

And in case you were wondering…..
We are not fancy.
We don’t teach our children that food needs to be glamorous and pretty with tons of sprinkles, sauces, colors and foo-foo extras.
Food is food.  Food is not for show and excitement.  It’s not about a mascot.
It is about eating….. to nourish and heal our bodies.

And to give you a little background on where we are coming from regarding our food journey….
Almost one year ago, back in January of 2013, Steve and I sat down and had a conversation about food.
We both agreed that we were done buying pre-packaged, processed, chemical laced foods.

I had read a book titled “Why Can’t My Child Behave,” by Jane Hersey regarding the negative effects of preservatives and food additives and dyes on children and their behavior a few years prior to Steve and I’s conversation, and the information on those pages always stuck with me.
It taught me a lot about the negative effects that chemicals, dyes and preservatives in foods have on humans and how so many of our bodies simply can’t process these things.  They are linked to behavioral issues, learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD and so much more.

The food colorings found in some foods, like fruit snacks for example, are red 40, yellow 5 and blue 1.
Red 40 and blue 1 were originally manufactured from coal tar, but are now mostly made from petroleum.
Those two colors have been banned previously in many European countries including Denmark, Belgium and France, though are now widely used in countries belonging to the European Union.
Despite their attention in Europe, they’ve been used in the U.S. without too much resistance.
This, my friends, is sad to me.

Yellow 5, however, is a different story. This food coloring, also know as tartrazine, has been known to cause serious allergic reactions (particularly for people who are allergic to aspirin). In 2008, the Food Standards Agency issued a warning about yellow 5 causing hyperactivity in some children. And according to board certified family physician Dr. Joel Fuhrman, yellow 5 poses risks of cancer.

Facts like these are another reason why preservatives are something we try to stay away from.
By no means are we perfect.  We are a real family with a lot going on.
And we may or may not like to indulge in Cheetos on occasion… of our gluten free treats.
And Steve has been knows to go hog-wild with slushies in the summer filled with Red Dye #40.

Boy do we see the effects on our girls.
They turn into these small, but powerful, hyperactive, alien-like beings with an increased amount of strength and vocal ability.
Not in a good singing kind of way, but in an intense shrieking manner that makes me want to lock them outside for a few hours.
For real. I have done this.  Locked the door and all.

Along with food dyes, preservatives in foods also cause behavioral changes, especially in young children.
According to the Archives of Disease in Children, “in a 2003 double-blind study of 1,873 children the consumption of food additives and preservatives led to significant increase in hyperactive behavior. Removing the preservatives or using a placebo didn’t lead to these behaviors, which were measured by both parental and objective reporting. The researchers coordinating the study noted that whether the children had been previously identified as hyperactive didn’t matter in terms of the effects of the preservatives and additives on their behavior.”

Interesting, huh?

So in January of 2012, we decided that instead of buying preservative filled cookies, we would make our own.
Same for waffles, granola bars and more!

Fruit snacks? Never again. We would eat REAL fruit.  What a concept for the year 2013.
I mean just because society tell you it’s ok to eat sorbitol, corn starch, mineral oil, carnauba wax, vitamins A, C, and E, and food colorings, does this mean you need to do so?

Soon after my chat with Steve we sat the girls down and had a talk with them explaining that we, as a family, would from this day forward choose a healthy lifestyle filled with “food from the Earth.”  Not from packages.


2013-11-13 14.00.33

It went much smoother than we thought and we have never looked back since.
We have even overheard them saying things like, “is this from the Earth?” about certain foods to each other.
The best.

Now, a lot has happened at Haus of Girls since January with the diagnosis of Celiac disease and gluten is now a thing of the past as well.
But I will get into that story another day……

Today I just want to share some of my staples and it’s my hope that this will help you when deciding how to shop for your family.
It may not seem easy at first, but I assure you the concept is simple.
Buy real food.  The less food in packages, the better.

Here we go!

Haus of Girls Typical Grocery List:

Veggies: avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, kale, spinach, salsa (all natural FRESH), baby carrots, shaved brussels sprouts, celery

Fruits: bananas, apples, oranges/cuties, blueberries, lemons, limes, grapes, pineapple (watermelon and strawberries in summer) dates, pears, frozen blueberries for smoothies,

Nuts: raw whole almonds, raw sunflower seeds unsalted, unsweetened coconut, raw almond butter, all natural peanut butter, sunflower seed butter

Starches: gluten free brown rice, gluten free rolled oats, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, all natural popcorn, rice cakes, chia seeds,

Proteins: pasture raised eggs, no nitrate all natural bacon, antibiotic and hormone free fresh chicken breast, ground beef and turkey

Others: no sugar added almond milk (contains twice the amount of calcium than cow’s milk!) Kerry Gold butter, full-fat coconut milk, coconut milk coffee creamer, coconut milk yogurt, almond milk yogurt, stevia extract liquid, vanilla extract, Kombucha tea drinks, olive oil, coconut oil, Apple Cider Vinegar,

Bonus items: gluten free pretzels and gluten free Chex cereal to add in trail mixes I make on occasion and chocolate chips.  I also love dark chocolate with sea salt and red wine. And Steve is known for his Cheetos buying skills……

These are just a few of our weekly faves.
Yes we add in new things and don’t always buy these items. No we are not perfect.
We are just two parents trying to do the right thing for our girls.
We don’t want to have any regrets about what we could have done better when it comes to their health.

I hope this list helps you in some way!
If you have any questions, please leave a comment as I’m always here and happy to help.

Try stocking your home with whole foods and minimize the food dyes and preservatives so your family can be as healthy and happy as possible.
Currently at Haus of Girls, we are limiting dairy products, as you can tell by our list, as I am in the process of determining if dairy is what keeps triggering my bloating and some other symptoms, as well as our youngest Gracie’s itchy skin.

We as a family removed gluten this past May and I can’t tell you the changes I’ve had personally.
I will be sharing our journey regarding Celiac and gluten with you all very soon!
If I can help just one person and prevent them from going through what I went through, then I will be so happy.

Signature Marta


New Year: New You – FourFitSisters Offer Support

It is about three weeks away from New Years Eve – can you believe that?!  Hard to believe that Christmas is rapidly approaching, and we get to celebrate an amazing time with family: celebrating the season, counting blessings, carol singing, ripping into presents, binging on delicious treats, and embracing new family memories one day at a time; wonderful traditions and festivities that only come around once each year.

happy holidays

I am always amazed at the lowering of inhibitions during the holidays.  Spending more money than I should, indulging in more than I should, especially when it comes to foods.  You can find me hovered over the egg nog, punch glass in hand…lathering my ice cream with soupy egg nog lard.  Mmmmmmm.  I know, for a fact, any other time of the year, I would be cringing at the thought.  But, the great thing is that I lead a healthy and fit life 99% of the time, which means I get to splurge and enjoy the holidays and all the treats that come with it.  Not to mention I will be crushing a workout that morning to give me the bonus of not feeling guilty when I do splurge.   This will be our first gluten-free Christmas, so I am anxious to see what goodies will still be an option for us this year.

boys with Santa

Once the holiday festivities are over, we always get to see an overwhelming amount of people that decide they are ready to make some changes to their lifestyle in the form of New Year’s Resolutions.  For some, the desired changes are monumental movements, and some people just need a little tweaking.   I am stealing Haley’s resolution from last year: being better about going to church regularly.  If you have a health or fitness related goal in mind for 2014, we would love to support you through it.  The sisters are offering a number of accountability challenge settings throughout the month of January.  Whether you need to drink more water, eat healthier, heal your gut, have a weightloss goal, or just feel like you want to be stronger and healthier overall, we would love to offer support to get you through it.


Here are some of the exciting offers we have for the month of January.  Each sister will be offering at least one challenge during the month of January.  Please act quickly, as our groups fill up fast.  We try to take the first 5-10 that commit.  If you are interested in the challenge, please contact one of the coaches that has a date that works for you. 

{Heal Your Gut 14 Day Challenge}  January 6 – January 19 …with Maggie

{New Year: New You 30 Day Challenge}  January 6 – February 4 …with Adie 

{New Year: New You 30 Day Challenge}  January 6 – February 4 …with Marta

{New Year: New You 30 Day Challenge}  January 15 – February 13 …with Haley

For more information about the challenge settings, please email one of the sisters.  2014 has great things in store for you.  We would love to help you meet your goals.  Wishing a wonderful next few weeks.

Signature Adie